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Mike Trabulsie

Principal Songwriter

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Mike Trabulsie

Mike Trabulsie Songs is the publishing home of songwriter and composer Mike Trabulsie.


Mike was always the kid with the radio!  As a child, it was Mowtown and top 40 radio; as a teenager, he began listening to Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Emmerson Lake and Palmer, and other hard and progressive rock bands of the era.   During Mikes years as a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts, he deeply expanded his listening, playing, songwriting, and compositional experience including all forms of contemporary music.   During this period, Mike also began to vigorously study the art and craft of songwriting and composition; an activity that Mike continued through the years.  

Mike was always a drummer and a lyric writer, but added piano to his skill repertoire at Berklee College of Music and never stopped!  Playing piano led to the completion of Mike's ability to write, and after having spent many years developing his craftsmanship as a songwriter and composer has developed his own signature style as a songwriter and composer. 


Mike's catalog of original songs and compositions encompasses a wide variety of musical genres.  Mike's writing has a strong sense of melody, meaningful lyrical content, appropriate song form and harmonic elements, and of course; rhythm.  Mike is especially adept at hook writing.  Hook writing is gold, and writing "the hook" is a gift Mike says he's blessed to have!


From 2005 to 2014, Mike disappeared into the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and in virtual isolation, spent those years living the mountain life, developing his musical artistry, and building a deep body of work.  As a part of that body of work, Mike wrote over 200 original songs, 2 mainstream rock albums, 2 progressive rock albums, a contemporary jazz album, and multiple instrumental fusion pieces.  Mike then built a commercial Pro Tools HD recording studio and began recording his catalog.  

Today, Mike is recording songs for his publishing catalog, and has also been producing several albums with his own bands which feature Mike's original hook oriented songs.  

Copyright © 2018 by Mike Trabulsie; all rights reserved

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